Stake LP to Join NFT Farms

After entering the mainnet, you can connect to Bunicorn via your wallet. Read to know which wallets Bunicorn is supporting.


  • Using Bunicorn’s BSC version requires the Metamask network to be set to Binance Smart Chain.

  • Make sure you leave some BNB in the address to pay gas fees.

Step 2: Go to to add liquidity

pageHow to Add Liquidity on Bunicorn

Step 3: Stake your LP tokens

  • Go to NFT Farm under the Farm section on the Menu bar

  • Choose the Pool you have added liquidity to at Step 2. Then click Enable button to enable a new pool.

    • Note: This will be done one time only for every new prestaking pool to which you want to add liquidity.

  • Once you enable it, click Stake LP

  • Enter the number of LP you want to stake, then Confirm and pay the gas fee.

If you see a red notice “Token Amount Is Invalid" as shown in the photo below, it means that you have chosen the pool you DID NOT add liquidity to it. You should click the blue message saying “Get Buni Pool Token” to provide liquidity > Go back to Step 2 to get LP tokens.

  • After clicking the Confirm button, you will see this screen. Rewards will be accumulated over the block. You can see how much earned BUNI and which NFT Token you have.

  • When harvesting your desired NFT tokens, there will be a pop-up showing the NFT token you get at the time (on the left) and the higher-level NFT token you could possibly gain.

And it is DONE! Enjoy your rewards!



  • You will get respective NFT tokens based on the amount of BUNI earned through staking as in the photo below. And if you unstake all or part of your LPs, your accumulated NFT token at the time will be harvested IMMEDIATELY.

  • Once you stake your LP tokens, you will no longer see your LP tokens and it is normal. See the picture below, this is my screen after I stake my LP tokens.

~~~If you need any support from the Bunicorn team, please join our Telegram channel.

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