How to add liquidity to a Stable Pool?

What is a Stable Pool? Read this:

After entering the mainnet, you can connect to Bunicorn via your wallet.

Note: Using Bunicorn’s BSC version requires the Metamask network to be set to BSC.

Step 2: Provide Liquidity

Select Liquidity on the menu bar, then choose Stablecoins for Stable Pool.

Select the stable pool you want to add liquidity. And click on the Add button.

When the Add Liquidity pop-up appears, enter the amount of token(s) you want to add.

Scroll down inside the pop-up. Click on I Agree button then Unlock button.

A pop-up window will appear for you to approve the token to be used on Bunicorn. Input the gas price you would wish to pay for to click Confirm.

Choose Add Liquidity button

Step 3: Confirm the transaction

A pop-up window would appear to confirm the gas prices to be paid for the transaction.

Input the gas prices you wish to pay then click Confirm.

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