NFT Farm Ends. What should I do?

NFT Farm ended at 2 PM on August 27, 2021 (UTC).
Since our NFT Farm has ended, rewards stopped counting and APR dropped to 0%. It is highly recommended that users quickly unstake their LPs from their NFT Farms.
Unstake LPs
Move LPs to Acient Buni Farming Pool
Can I sell my NFTs?
📌 NOTE: After you unstake LPs from the NFT farm, your current NFT will be harvested immediately.
After entering the mainnet, you can connect to Bunicorn via your wallet. Read to know which wallets Bunicorn is supporting.
  • Using Bunicorn’s BSC version requires the Metamask network to be set to Binance Smart Chain.
  • Make sure you leave some BNB in the address to pay gas fees.

Step 2: Unstake Your LPs

  • Go to NFT Farms under the Farms section on the Menu bar
  • Select your prestaked farm and click on the Minus button to unstake
  • A pop-up will appear. Choose MAX to unstake all of your LPs, then click Confirm
  • After paying the gas fee, you successfully unstake the LPs, and no longer be able to prestake as demonstrated in the photo below
  • Your current NFT will be automatically harvested, and will be available in the VestingNFT section.
30 days since the day you HARVEST the NFT, you can claim BUNI token anytime. BUT we strongly recommend you unlock in-game items before claim BUNI after the game launch on 31 Aug 2021. Or you will lose your NFT token.
Once the Bunicorn card game is live on 31 Aug 2021, users are required to manually convert eggs/chests into corresponding characters (Bunicorns / Trainers). If users do not carry out this action before claiming BUNI, the harvested NFT as eggs/chests will be burned immediately.
Read carefully the table above and this TAKEAWAYS before you take any further action!
After unstake LPs from NFT Farm, you can choose to stake your LPs to the Ancient Buni NFT pool that has the same pair as your NFT Farming pool did.
  • Start from Step 2 of the tutorial below

Can I sell my Chest/Egg NFTs? When will the Bunicorn’s Marketplace open?

Yes, you can. Bunicorn’s Marketplace on August 31, 2021 at 1PM (UTC). If users do not want to convert their NFT into an in-game Bunicorn / Trainer, they can push the chests or eggs to the marketplace for sale.
📌Note to sellers: NFT tokens as Eggs/ and BUNI reward included in these NFT are not separated and will be sold together. Thus, once users decide to push the NFT to the market, they should determine a good selling price to avoid selling at a loss.
For example: If a user gets a Normal Egg (wrapping 2000 BUNI reward inside), he should sell it on the marketplace at a higher price, such as 3000 BUNI.