Are there any constraints for setting up a Bunicorn Flexible pool?

There are a few limitations to a Bunicorn Flexible pool.
  • BEP-20 Tokens
  • Minimum Bound Tokens: 2
A pool must have at least two tokens.
  • Maximum Bound Tokens: 8
The maximum number of tokens that a pool can contain is 8
  • Maximum Swap In Ratio: 1/2
A user can only swap in less than 50% of the current balance of tokenIn for a given pool.
  • Maximum Swap Out Ratio: 1/3
A user can only swap out less than 33.33% of the current balance of tokenOut for a given pool.
  • Minimum Swap Fee: 0.01%
There is a minimum swap fee of 0.01% to counteract any unfavorable pool rounding.
  • Maximum Swap Fee: 10%
This is to prevent malicious pool controllers from setting predatory trading fees.