Tutorial for Trader

There are 2 types of liquidity pools in Bunicorn: Flexible pool for swapping between normal BEP20 tokens, and Stable pool for swapping between stablecoins. Firstly, let’s see how you can do a normal swap between BEP20 tokens in a Flexible pool. Each Flexible pool has different weights, swap fees, and other settings. Learn more about Flexible pools here.

To start trading tokens on Bunicorn, users can:

  1. Go to the Trade page and choose Tokens

2.Connect your Binance Smart Chain wallet

3. Select the tokens you wish to trade and enter the amount.

4. Choose the Slippage tolerance in the Settings

5. Check the details to see how our smart order routing works and click “Swap”

6. Confirm the transaction in your wallet

7. Done, you can check your transaction on bscscan

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