Bunicorn testnet 101

Bunicorn testnet version has been launched with the aim of giving users a chance to experience the product before the product is officially launched. Bunicorn testnet now is available on Kovan network, you can see the products by following the links below:

How to swap your token with Bunicorn testnet

  • Login to https://staging.buni.finance and make sure you are elect asset that you want to trade from the drop-down menu then enter the swapping amount. An estimate of how many tokens you would receive after the swap will be displayed.

  • A pop-up window would appear to confirm the gas prices to be paid for the transaction.

  • Input the gas prices you wish to pay then click Confirm

And now you can go to Etherscan (Kovan testnet) to check the tx hash.

If you need any support from Bunicorn team, please join our Telegram channel.

If you identify any bugs, security issues, errors in the documentation, or have any suggestions to improve the products, please report them on Immunefi or Hackenproof

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