How to Join Ancient Buni NFT Farms

Join Ancient Buni NFT farms to receive Ancient Buni NFT tokens that can be used to stake into NFT staking pools to earn a part of Bunicorn game's revenue.

  • The Ancient Buni NFT is open at 2PM August 27, 2021 (UTC). Reward is activated at 3PM August 27, 2021 (UTC). This is an unlimited farm so the closing date is not yet decided.

  • The Ancient Buni NFT Farm opens 5 pools as the photo below.


Users can get respective NFT tokens based on the amount of earned BUNI users accumulated through staking, as in the “Ancient Buni Farm Rewards” photo below. For example, if your estimated BUNI reward during your farming period is 1200 BUNI, you will receive Rocbuni as NFT token reward.

📌 NOTE: The Bunicorn Logo NFT Token has no in-game or on-chain value or is eligible for staking. It only serves the purpose of locking rewards till harvesting day.

More details:

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