Harvest NFTs (Chest/Egg)

Step 1: Go to the pool you want to harvest your desired NFT on https://bunicorn.exchange/#/farms

Click to Harvest NFT button.

Click to Harvest Anyway button if you insist to get this NFT. Then confirm the transaction on Metamask.

Step 2: Check your NFT in VestingNFT tab.

Click to Approve All and confirm the transaction.

You will see this.

30 days since the day you HARVEST the NFT, you can claim BUNI token anytime. BUT we strongly recommend you to unlock in-game items before claim BUNI after the game launch on 31 Aug, 2021. Or you will lose your NFT token.

Once the Bunicorn card game is live on 31 Aug, 2021, users are required to manually convert eggs/chests into corresponding characters (Bunicorns / Trainers). If users do not carry out this action before claiming BUNI, the harvested NFT as eggs/chests will be burned immediately.

Read carefully the table above and this TAKEWAYS before you take any further action!

Step 3: Can I sell my NFTs? When will the Bunicorn’s Marketplace open? Bunicorn’s Marketplace will be opened by the time the game is released at the end of August. If users do not want to convert their NFT into an in-game Bunicorn / Trainer, they can push the chests or eggs to the marketplace for sale.

Note to sellers: NFT and BUNI reward included in that NFT are not separated and will be sold together. Thus, once users decide to push the NFT to the market, they should determine a good selling price to avoid selling at a loss.

For example: If a user gets a Normal Egg (wrapping 2000 BUNI reward inside), he should sell it on the marketplace at a higher price, such as 3000 BUNI.

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