Flexible Pool

Inspired by the concept of Balancer’s pools, Bunicorn Flexible pools can contain two or more tokens, each with an independent weight representing its proportion of the total pool value.

There are two types of Bunicorn Flexible pools: Shared pools and Smart pools.

Stable Pool

Bunicorn Stable pools are customized for stablecoin trading, with the advantages include:

  • Amplified pools with high capital efficiency

  • Lower trade slippage due to high capital efficiency

  • Dynamic fees to optimize returns for liquidity providers

Shared pool

Shared pools are “public” flexible pools, their parameters are fixed and anyone can add or remove liquidity and swap tokens in the pools.

Smart pool

Smart pool is a flexible pool that the creator can change its settings after it has been created. Anyone can provide liquidity and swap tokens in the smart pools as well.

  • Remove Tokens: creators can remove tokens, even after deployment of the Pool.

  • Change Weights: pool’s creators can change the weights of pools, even after deployment of the Pool

  • Change Swap Fee: the Swap Fee can be set-and-forget, but the fee can also be set to be changeable by the pool creator..

  • Start/Stop Trading: Pools’ creators can pause swapping in their pools.

BUNI Pool Token

When adding liquidity to an AMM pool, an user gets back a fair share of their contribution represented as an amount of BPT (BUNI Pool Token). The amount of BPT token in possession of a user represents his stake at the pool, and can be used to withdraw their assets out of the pool respectively.


The governance token of Bunicorn platform.


A Virtual BUNI token represents the number of BUNI rewards that users can harvest from liquidity mining farms. These VBUNI will be wrapped up in NFT collectible and converted to the actual BUNI at 1:1 ratio after a vesting period.


A Non Fungible Token that a user gets after they harvest the VBUNI from the mining pools. This NFT contains the number of VBUNI and a vesting schedule. Users can go to the NFT Vesting page to track this vesting schedule and claim the real BUNI when the vesting deadline ends.

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