Prestaking Farm Ends. What's next?

Bunicorn Prestaking Pool ended at 2 PM on July 28, 2021 (UTC)

Since our prestaking farm program has ended, rewards stopped counting and APR dropped to 0%. It is highly recommended that users quickly unstake their LPs from their prestaking farms.

After entering the mainnet, you can connect to Bunicorn via your wallet. Read to know which wallets Bunicorn is supporting.


  • Using Bunicorn’s BSC version requires the Metamask network to be set to Binance Smart Chain.

  • Make sure you leave some BNB in the address to pay gas fees.

Step 2: Unstake Your LPs

  • Go to Prestaking Farm under the Farm section on the Menu bar

  • Select your prestaked farm and click on the Minus button to unstake

  • A pop-up will appear. Choose MAX to unstake all of your LPs, then click Confirm

  • After paying the gas fee, you successfully unstake the LPs, and no longer be able to prestake as demonstrated in the photo below

If you need any support from the Bunicorn team, please join our Telegram channel.


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