How to Join Token Play Farms

Farm Duration: 1PM September 9, 2021 (UTC) - 1PM September 9, 2023 (UTC)

Dear BUNIans and TOP family,

Since the announcement of Tokenplay and Bunicorn’s collaboration 6, we have been working closely to plan various activities for both communities within our ecosystem. And the day we have been waiting for finally arrived — Kicking off this partnership, Tokenplay will officially open three farming pools on Bunicorn DEX with details specified as follows:

  • Farm Duration: 1PM September 9, 2021 (UTC) - 1PM September 9, 2023 (UTC)

  • Total $TOP Farming on Bunicorn DEX: 200,000,000 $TOP tokens

  • $TOP Pools to be Available:

    • TOP-BNB: Pancake LP tokens

    • TOP-BUNI: Bunicorn LP tokens

    • TOP (staking pool)

  • Rewards: All users staking in $TOP staking and farming pools will get rewards in $TOP. And $TOP rewards can be harvested at any time to your preference.

NOTE: If you unstake a part or all of your LPs/TOP on the farm, all of your rewards will be harvested immediately.

TOP Farming party is only the start of the endless fun coming in the future. Bunicorn and Token Play still get plenty of surprises in the bag for our players ;)

If you have any questions regarding the $TOP farming program, kindly drop us a quick message on Bunicorn Official Telegram. Our admins are always available to answer.

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