NFT Collectibles

We will rank the rarity of the NFT collectibles based on the amount of underlying assets wrapped in that token. For instance, a $1M worth of BUNI token will make it Ultra Rare or Super Rare. Apart from that, we will also add tailored made designs as well as a unique algorithmically generated Bunny character to these NFT collectibles similar to what Crypto Kitty or Polkamon has done so far.

The difference between the NFT in our platform compared to other platforms is that it contains actual time-locked tokens similar to a bond. In other words, it contains speculative value. If someone cannot wait until the vesting period to be finished, he can sell his NFT at price that he wishes. Besides, he can also collect and resell his Super Rare asset at a price much higher than the underlying BUNI value in other NFT markets. Therefore, we have reached 2 goals for this feature: separat BUNI from the circulating supply but still making them liquidable in the form of NFT assets.

We are working on our own NFT marketplace for users to exchange and auction their NFT to be released in the next phase.

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