How to earn reward from Buni pool?

Buni pool is the first pool in our farming page. In this special pool, all you have to do is stake your BUNI token to earn more BUNI tokens.

  1. Go to the farm page.

  2. Click to the first pool which only has BUNI in the name

  1. Click to Enable Farm and confirm the transaction in your BSC wallet

  1. After enabled, you’ll be able to click to Stake BUNI button

  1. Enter the amount of BUNI that you want to stake

  1. Confirm the transaction in your BSC wallet, and that’s it!

  2. You can navigate away from the page and come back anytime to check how much VBUNI you’ve earned. If you want to harvest your rewards at any given time, click on Harvest and confirm the transaction.

  1. You can see how much VBUNI you harvested on the Vesting NFT page. After the countdown is finished, you can claim these rewards to the real BUNI tokens.